Voluntary Lien Report

A Voluntary Lien Report contains current and historical information about the status of the secured financial interests in a property. The report consists of chosen liens placed on property with consent of or at the request of the property’s owner, or as a result of a voluntary act by the owner of a property. A Voluntary Lien Report is a search of mortgage liens on a property including lien position, lender name, amount, and recording date. When a borrower agrees to use the property as collateral to secure the loan, it places a voluntary lien on that property. Once recorded, it becomes publicly accessible information. Mortgages and trust deeds are best examples of voluntary liens. The most common type of a voluntary lien is the one created by a mortgage given for a home loan.

Voluntary Lien Report Sample

  • • Analyze lien position quickly to understand a property’s financial situation
  • • Easy to read, single report enables you to see all transactions in descending chronological order
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