Involuntary Lien Report

An Involuntary Lien Report is a search of involuntary liens on a property including plaintiff, filing date, and amount. It consists of chosen liens placed on property to which the current or previous property owner normally did not consent or agree, or as a result of an involuntary act by the owner of a property. Due to some detrimental action or inaction by the property owner, a third party places or files a lien on the property to secure money owed to the third party by the property owner.

The filing requirements and statutes of limitations for most liens vary according to the law of each State. Title Search is the universal method of examining official County records to determine whether an owner’s rights in real property are in good standing.

Involuntary Lien Report may include the following:

  • Mechanic’s Liens (imposed to secure payments of performed work)
  • HOA Liens (imposed to secure payments of Homeowners Association assessments)
  • Bankruptcy Liens (imposed to secure payments of creditors in the bankruptcy proceeding)
  • Judgment Liens (imposed to secure payments of judgment)
  • Federal Tax or IRS Liens (imposed to secure payments of federal tax)
  • State Tax Liens (imposed to secure payments of state tax)
  • City/County Tax Lien (imposed to secure payments of local tax assessments)
  • Support Judgment Liens (imposed to secure payments for an unpaid child/spousal support)
  • Divorce Liens (imposed to secure payments as an award to one spouse for the ownership of the marital home)

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