Your customers are receiving credit offers from your competitors every day. Without you knowing, your customers may be seeking new credit, adding lines of credit, applying for a mortgage loan or worse, taking their business elsewhere.

The Solution: PortfolioSaver.

With our PortfolioSaver Program, you receive daily notifications about your customer’s credit activities. Now you can quickly respond to your customers changing credit needs and retain your valuable customers before it’s too late.

Features and Benefits:

  • Cost Effective for all types and sizes of portfolios
  • Reduce Recapture and EPO (Early Payoff) Costs
  • Build stronger relationships by anticipating customer needs
  • Low-Cost Solution to Retaining Your Customers.
  • Mitigate Portfolio Run Off
  • Stay one step ahead of your competition
  • Retaining customers is much less expensive than finding new ones
  • Monitor delinquency with other lenders
  • Precisely defined risk and retention notifications
  • Monitor your entire portfolio
  • Enhance your credit decisioning by appending scores and custom attributes
  • Drive intelligent decisions based on key current data elements

PortfolioSaver risk and retention notifications are daily alerts based on new inquiry, trade, and public record information to notify clients of credit activity. Capturing this data within 24 hours allows clients to respond to competitive threats, capitalize on opportunities to extend additional credit or products to existing customers, and to protect themselves against risk.

Take control of your portfolio with PortfolioSaver.

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