Verification of Employment/Income


New qualified mortgage regulations require lenders to verify income and employment information using reliable third party records. An applicant’s ability to pay can be confirmed quickly and easily with Universal Credit Services. Our VOE/VOI solution provides documented third party verifications for current and previous employers as well as re-verifications prior to closing.

The Work Number®

UCS is a certified provider of The Work Number®, which is the largest online database of payroll records contributed by over 4,300 employers nationwide. We use this service to give you fast, accurate and reliable information. Results are usually returned in seconds.

Manual VOE/VOI

If the employer is not listed with The Work Number®, you have the option of ordering a manual VOE/VOI from our expert staff. We know the VOE/VOI process can be labor intensive. Our staff will do the follow up calls and emails to ensure the VOE/VOI information is returned in a timely manner. We will update you and keep you informed during the process. All applicants will be individually researched and thoroughly vetted.

Verification of Employment Report Sample

  • • Essential employment and income data in a timely and cost-effective manner
  • • Verification process meets 3rd party compliance and verification requirements
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