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Sometimes waiting for a live representative may not be
necessary. FastTrack allows you to expedite your request and resolve your issue.
You can use FastTrack for…

  • Correction to Consumer Information
  • Frozen Bureaus
  • Swap Applicant Positions
  • Merging/Unmerging Reports
  • Password Reset/Unlock
  • File Repulls
  • Changing Report Owners


Help & Training Guides

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Live Phone Support

We are always here to help.


General Customer Service: 888-212-4200

As always, you can reach out to our main credit and customer service department at 888-212-4200 or 610-284-1000.

Rescoring Specialists: 610-569-0001

If you have questions on What if Simulators, Credit Analyzers or Repository Updates, please call 610-569-0001 and
you will immediately be assisted by one of our dedicated rescore team members.

Verification of Employment / Verification of Deposit:

If you have questions on Employment or Deposit Verifications, you can call 610-290-8423.

4506T or SSA89: 877-878-6691

Questions on 4506T or SSA89 can be answered by calling 877-878-6691.

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