Smart Select

Smart Select is a credit bureau cascade feature that allows the customer to establish specific criteria which apply to each credit report order. Smart Select will pull a single bureau file first, then apply the criteria (e.g. score 640 or above, No mortgage delinquencies in the past 24 months, etc), if the criteria are satisfied based upon the data in the credit file, Smart Select will add the other 2 bureaus to complete the Tri_merged report. If the potential borrower does not meet the specific criteria the client has established, then no further data is accessed. Utilizing Smart Select will reduce overall credit reporting fees by eliminating unqualified borrowers with the minimal investment of single-bureau.

In addition to your specific Score criteria, you can select from the following attribute criteria:

  • Cumulative collection balance greater than $X
  • No lates on mortgage account within the past X months
  • Bankruptcy filings within the past X months
  • Delinquent child support accounts
  • Unreleased federal tax liens
  • Defaulted student loans
  • Disputed accounts
  • Foreclosure, short sale, or deed-in-lieu within past 7 years

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