CreditXpert ® Suite of Products

Our clients can request access to CreditXpert’s suite of credit analysis and simulation products through our secure online product platform. Once activated, clients can utilize the various CreditXpert products to analyze credit report data pertaining to their borrower’s credit report.

Should a client contact Universal Credit Services directly with regard to CreditXpert products, they’ll be greeted by our customer service representatives who are able to provide instruction on how to order, use, and distinguish between products. For an additional fee, Universal Credit can run the report on the client’s behalf.

Why Use CreditXpert ®?

Since 2003, CreditXpert has helped improve the interaction between loan originators and borrowers by providing new options and ways to communicate. With CreditXpert, originators can take a more consultative approach and improve the lending experience by increasing results.


  • Legitimately qualify more applicants for better terms
  • Support decisions on what steps to take or not to take to help consumers manage credit
  • Differentiate and serve as a “trusted advisors”

Credit Radar™

A cover page to a credit report that, at a glance, helps lenders size-up an applicant’s credit, get forecasted mid-scores, and spot critical issues, even on high scoring consumers – all before looking at the credit report itself. Sample report available below.

Credit Assure ™

Credit Assure also gives your customers credit management advice. It identifies whether paying down balances, transferring balances or closing or opening accounts will help. Sample report available below.

Credit Analyzer: Essentials ™

Eliminate the guesswork on what has impacted your applicant’s credit and how they can potentially improve it. Credit education tools for originators and their applicants start with Credit Analyzer. The software looks for the most cost-effective and probable action plans for consumer credit management. It provides specific instructions and a score forecast every step of the way. If your timeframe is immediate or 30 days Credit Analyzer will find the ideal plan in an easy to understand report you can print out or email to your customer.

CreditXpert ® What-If Simulator™

Answers the question: “What if? – If certain actions are taken, how will they impact the applicant’s credit?” Use it to simulate a combination of your own actions or variations of those identified in the CreditXpert Analyzer™. It includes multiple aging parameters so users can simulate changes over time. The most powerful credit score simulator available!


  • Predicts impact of changes
  • Provides full flexibility
  • Simulates multiple actions simultaneously

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